Legit Clicking Work – Join for Free Earning for Free – Be in team make a team

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Congratulations Members Vital Pakistan!
We have a new daily task for you, absolutely free

It is paid to click work, you will be
given daily bonus ad points by the website, against which utilization,
you will
receive money Ads, each ad has a worth of earning of different cost
ads. It is daily working like job. A great gentry from all over the
world is connected with long running site and earning alot. Why not
(Professionals use “Mozilla Firefox Browser” for any
type of online working)
How to work: Join for free by the link given below or
click on banner given below. We are making a team of professional workers
online. It is a referral link below. You will be updated for any up-gradation.
Benefits of Working of this Clicking work:
You will earn daily without any investment and can step in
the internet earning.
By earning you can step in Forex (Foreign Exchange) Work,
which is the biggest platform of huge earning in internet working. Members will
be trained free of cost for next success. All joined and successful members
will be enlisted.

Step by Step Guide:
1. After clicking link above, click on register button

2. Fill the form as example below picture.
Choose a unique username
Write your email address
Write unique password in fields of password and confirm
Choose your Date of Birth
Confirm your Date of Birth from Right Menu
And confirm your referral by ticking check box
Press Open Account

Start of work:
It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 
Follow pictures (it will be for once for even average minds)


Next process for login page

Step 1. Login (with username and password)

2. Click on “Paid Ads (0)”, Note: (0) varies how much
ads you are given by the website. Normally new users get 25BAP x 16 =
400 BAP (Note BAP means Bonus Ads Points). The more you will get BAP the
more you will earn by Ads.

Step 3. Click on “View Bonus Ad” (New user will see BAP25 ads points) BAP =
Bonus Ad Points


Click on Circled Point for viewing Ad
Follow pictures given below for step by step guideline.






Next after finishing 30 sec, press Confirm




Next (1 task is finished)


Few Informative Pics


Circled are Bonus Ad Points


Circled are Micro Ad Packs, each Micro Ad Pack costs 50 BAP.

Payout: Minimum $1
Duration of payout: within 7 days
Payment Processors: Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money,
Egopay, Solid Trust Pay, Western Union, Bank

How I can withdraw my dollars: You can send your earned dollars to us for local currency exchanging.

In case of investment:

It is absolutely free! But if you invest in this website by
the internet payment methods, it will return you total as 150% including your
Initially, you can join it free of cost even earn by working
and without any investment.
Advisory and Tips: Payout atleast 5 dollars, and better
reinvest on this site for gaining more Bonus Ad Points which will give you more
earning Ads.
Never Open your account on anyother computer, otherwise your account would be banned by the site admin permanently. 


More to be updated. 
Training Video under process

Registered members can ask their questions and useful tips at admin@vitalpakistan.com.pk

Send unlimited Free Web SMS to any mobile network number in Pakistan

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Send unlimited Free Web SMS to any mobile network number in Pakistan


Send Unlimited SMS and no need to refresh the page

If you are unable to send sms or visual problem, click here…

If you are unable to send sms or visual problem, click here…

Whenever, you have low balance, no sms package, you are in an emergency,
out of access area, but you have internet facility, simply visit Vital
Pakistan page and send unlimited free SMS to your friends, family,
colleagues, for business and free your tensions.

Get connected.

Russian Auto Captcha

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Russian Auto Captcha

Vital Pakistan Online Jobs Family Network has been working on various online internet projects since Feb 2010 and has a decent good will in internet world, and after long time heavy research, now

proudly presents


Russian Auto Captcha


Short History:

Russian Auto Captcha Company is working for 1 and half year, at the time of beginning it was available on software which has some difficulties to install and run for common users of internet, but now it is shifted to web portal work (means you need not to install any 3rd party software to run it, you need simply to login to the website and press “Start” on web and it will show auto scanning of the captcha words and typing and your ID earning will increase after every 5 to 10 seconds).

Now enjoy automatic working and enjoy this amazing opportunity no need to type captcha words while you have this marvelous life changing chance.

Stay relaxed…

We are getting regular payments via WMZ and PM, and being 1st Pakistani representative of Russian Auto Captcha by Russian Company, we have huge demands of accounts everyday, and now more than 250 IDs of Auto Captcha has been launched within 1 month without advertisement. Read and choose packages below of your choice.



As we have been working with this company more than 1.5 years, and have been receiving regular payment on time as per company’s commitment.

So we give you guarantee that in case your account gets banned or Russian Company involves in malfunction, your complete amount will be added in our Investment Plan for six months, you’ll get your profit each month as per company’s profit and you’ll get return your real invested amount after 6months from the 5 days of date you deposited.

(This offer is valid for the members who get register before December 2013). 

Read comments of active members of this project below in 1st post in www.vitalpakistan.tk for your satisfaction. Every paid member is requested to leave comment on website for successful payment withdrawal.

Search and find any company that gives you this kind of surety.


Our Authorization:

We have been authorized for Pakistan Region by this company and soon for complete Asia Region.


Packages Include:

Student Package:

    Registration Fee: $85

    Monthly Fee: $15

    Earn: $2 / per day

    Minimum Withdraw: $2 (Daily Payout)

    Package Validity: 4 Month


Silver plan

    Registration Fee: $150

    Monthly Fee: $20

    Earn: $4 / 5hour

    Minimum Withdraw: $100

    Package Validity: 6 Month


Gold plan

    Registration Fee: $250

    Monthly Fee: $35

    Earn: $6.5 / 5hour

    Minimum Withdraw: $100

    Package Validity: 6 Month


Interested parties can deposit their ecurrency funds in the following accounts.


Vital Pakistan Egopay email: klmrajas@gmail.com

Vital Pakistan Perfect Money: U4276295 vitalpakistan

Vital Pakistan Webmoney wmz A/C: admin@vitalpakistan.com.pk



Bank Name: First Century Bank

Account Type: CHECKING

Account #: 4018453421212

ABA # (Bank Routing Number): 061120084


Local Bank Accounts:

Title Name of All Bank Accounts: Muhammad Kaleem

Standard chartered Bank SCB A/C: 01165959801

Soneri Bank Limited SBL: 0127 Branch Code:02051330940

United Bank Limited UBL: Branch Code: 0209, A/C: 203221156

(Note: Each dollar is being cost as Rs.100, so you will multiply your amounts as shown below while sending)

Student Package: $85 x 100 = Rs.8500

Silver Package: $150 x 100 = Rs. 15,000

Gold Package: $250 x 100 = Rs. 25,000


After sending amount via Bank a/c, contact on cell number +923466066577 during 2PM to 9PM (Pakistan Time).

For foreigners, if giving a call is not convenient for you, you can email us at admin@vitalpakistan.com.pk with receipt of payment.

Activation of account can take 24 hours to 120 hours. You patience in this period will be highly appreciated



Q: Do I need to run any software for this work?

Ans: No, its web portal work, and you need to login your ID and password in the website (will be given) and press “Start”, it will work on the website automatically


Q: What if I face Electricity Failure (Loadshedding) Problem?

Ans: No need to worry, if you face electricity problem (Loadshedding), you can login again and press “Start”, and can complete your remaining time.


Q: Will my entries waste, in case of electricity problem?

Ans: It is online work and your entire data and work entries save online, so need not to worry regarding your work record, it will not waste.


Q: Can I face any IP problem while working?

Ans: No there’s no IP issue.


Q: Do I need new systems (PCs) for each new ID?

Ans: You can run even 100 IDs on the same browser, like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc


Q: Can I run ID for more than 5 hours?

Ans: Company allows only 5 hours within 24 hours, for fully utilization of 24 hours time, you can take more IDs.


Q: How I can submit fee, according to Pak Rupees?

Ans: You will have to submit fee according to Pak Rupees 100 per dollar


Q: What rate I will get of dollars of earning per dollar?

Ans: You will get 85 – 90 rate per dollar as earning, you can take earning directly from company, it gives via western union, and western union charges are high than ours, so it depend on your choice either you take your amount with 10% (our charges) deduction or 20% (western union) deduction.


Q: How much IDs I can take at a time?

Ans: you can take IDs as much as you can afford, there’s no restriction.


Q: How I can receive my payment?

Ans: You can take your payment via OMNI, Easypaisa, and Bankwire (mentioned in registration page)


Q: What is best package?

Ans: every package is good, but as per recommendation, at-least Silver Package is good for professionals, and Gold Package is too good.


Q: Can I earn by referring friends?

Ans: Yes when you get your desired package, you get a referral link also, so you can refer your friends and market over facebook, emailing your contact list, whenever they activate their account, $5 automatically add in your account, so you are earning not only by account but also by referring/marketing.


Q: I want to see its Demo, is it possible?

Ans: Yes, Demo will be delivered to you via email or call (calling time during 2PM to 9PM)



Your queries are precious for us, you can ask your questions at admin@vitalpakistan.com.pk


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Online Captcha Data Entry Typing Jobs in Pakistan Free Training

Before calling us, watch video tutorials so you could understand the exact concept and sense.

If you want to know “what is payment method ratio and how Vital Pakistan pays click on the link below:

Captchta Entry Payment Plan

If you have understood the whole process and want to join Vital Pakistan click on the link below:
Registration form must be completed with all the required fields.

Upcoming Projects:

Online Earning projects in Pakistan

We are currently working on upto-date projects, which will be seen on the website very soon, current scenario can be seen here…..

We feel apologetic for late replying and response due to receiving applications for joining Vital Pakistan in bulk everyday, but very soon this issue will be resolve, we also expect favour to understand our hardworking since 3years…

On the right side, a chat box is added for members and visitors for smooth communication and helps each other, hope you’ll feel convenient while chatting.

We will teach you, what are online jobs? how you can find part time typing jobs in pakistan?  and what is online free internet jobs in Pakistan concept?

Admin Vital Pakistan

About Us

Data Entry | Posted by Kaleem Raja September 6th, 2012

The Beginning

Vital Pakistan Online Jobs Family Network took its start in Pakistan Online Jobs Field since February 18, 2010 (almost 3 years) from a short room; we had no big office but motivation and zeal towards goal to be an online recognition in this field. We had an eye on the current status of the country and youth of de-motivation and disappointment. We tried to bring entire skilled nation of this online platform so that they should utilize their positive energy for growth and advancement of this country.

We all are aware what is current situation of our country, politics, development, infra-structure, health, education and corruption. History reveals that only those nations survive which concentrate on education and strong religion code, in the same context, we are working to fix these issues. So that our upcoming generation would not complain that they did not get any fruit of their elder’s hardworking.

We bore many challenges from insiders and outsiders since we started but we continued our journey towards success in all rains and storms. And soon we got 900 plus satisfied members from Pakistan and throughout the Asia Continent and recognized in the google’s first page by our blogger website i.e www.getachange-klmrajas.blogspot.com, which later changed to a paid dot.tk service (which costs $19.99 for 2 years) and got fame as www.vitalpakistan.tk

Our Mission:

We have aim to be recognized as good as top online jobs internet company throughout the world, to set the highest industry standard for quality, across all areas of operation, non a sustained basis, optimize people, processes and technology to deliver the best possible financial solutions to our members. Become the most sought after investment, and be recognized as the employer of our choice. We feel that it is not an easy task, but we have courage to see this dream, if we couldn’t, at-least one day we’ll be called the beginner. We have aim to establish and introduce a strong network of different online tasks among the masses of Asia. Today we have many pupils, who can be seen in “Our Members” section, and now they are running their own work.

Honesty and Integrity, fairness and meritocracy, humility and mutual respect, commitment and dedication, teamwork and collaborative spirit, caring and socially responsible are our priorities…


To be a world class Network dedicated to excellence, and to surpass the highest expectations of our members and al